Review: AKG K451 On Ear Headphones

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Key Features: On-ear design, Carry case, 11-29,500 Hz frequency response, Removable cable, dual cables included for mobile and MP3 players use, built in mic, very comfortable.

I have been using these headphones for nearly 2 months now and I thought I would write a short review on how good these actually are. It’s not uncommon now to see people listening to music with headphones on rather than in ear and most go for the dreadful Beats because of the design and the way it looks. I am more into the way the music sounds especially since I listen to mostly high definition ie FLAC or also known as lossless. Spotify can stream as high as 320Kbps which is still well below FLAC but it is acceptable compared to the low bit rate 128Kbps that the vast majority of people listen to.

I got these for my birthday in April along with a set of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones which I use for listening to music in the house. Comparing the 2 would be unfair as the DT770’s can not be used as headphones with an MP3 player unless you use a portable headphone amp. I will review these in the coming weeks.

When I first compared the AKG to my existing headphones I was blown away with the clarity of sound and the depth of base for such small heaphones. Comparing them to the £170 Beats and the £150 Fanny Wangs they outperformed both at half the cost and were also a lot more comfortable than both. I have been using them a lot lately as I have started to get myself slightly fitter by doing a lot of walking, in the past I was using my in ear headphones the Klipsch S4i which are also excellent by the way. The more I use the AKG’s the better they sound like most HiFi equipment they will get better after at least 100 hours of use.

Anyway back to the review.

The AKG K451 are £60+ on-ear headphones. They’re the most portable type of headphone that doesn’t jam into your ear canal. These are particularly portable in their class too.


 Their earcups barely extend beyond your earlobes, they fold up for easier stowing-away and they feature a 3-button remote control for Apple devices wish they worked on Android. If you think that people look a little ridiculous wearing head-dominating over-ears cans when on the train then these are the sort of headphones you’re after.

They’re good-looking headphones, too. Black and silver and decked-out with a design of concentric circles that sit on the back of each earcup, we can’t imagine anyone would be embarrassed to wear these headphones.

They are very comfortable to use and for long periods of time, the noise isolation is also good but not great. The inline controls only work for iPhone and not any android devices although you can pause and resume on Android.

Sound Quality

When I initially got these they were a bit base heavy with very muddled top end but as I previously posted they got better every day and are now very clear with very detailed top and lower end. I can listen to rock, pop, punk, rap, soul, in fact anything with these and it gives out detail better than any headphones I have tried at anywhere near this price.

Build Quality

The AKG’s ooze quality from the padded headband to the comfortable soft leather earcups. The cable attachment system for the 2 cables supplied with the AKG’s is excellent and should be available on all types of portable headphones.


Simply the best portable headphones for under £150 I would highly recommend these to people that appreciate the quality of the music they listen to a definite upgrade to any free headphones you get with your mobile phones or iPod’s.

Available at Superfi for £50.49

5 / 5 stars     
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