Setting up automatic downloads for TV/Movies

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I thought I would post a way for people to auto download films/TV/music from Newsgroups. You will need one of the following 4 things before you can even start to download.

  1. Windows PC
  2. Netgear Nas Drive
  3. HP microserver N40L
  4. A Newsgroup Provider

The pros and cons of each  bit of hardware are detailed below:

Windows PC

Pros: Easy to setup and run the software

Cons: has to be on to download which is expensive to run and noisy

Netgear Nas

Pros: Easy to install, left on 24/7 with very low running costs, silent

Cons: can be expensive to start and depending on model upgrade path limited

HP Microserver

Pros: Standalone server, very low running costs, can have up to 6 HD’s installed, install any software no limitations

Cons: Cost, might be hard for some to setup

 When I say cost for the equipment this is for the actual hard drives, ie you can get the N40L second hand for £100 then add 2 2Tb drives which are about £165 for the pair at the moment and you have 4TB of storage for £265. The netgear second hand about £50 or brand new for £80 but still have to add 2 hard drives although you can start with only one. If you stick with a PC then the only cost will be new hard drives and elecricity.

If you use the PC on 24/7 for downloading then it would be cheaper over the period of one year to but one of the 2 alternatives.

NewGroup Provider

Here’s where the problems lie most newsgroup providers take down movies very quickly and if its big budget TV programs they get taken down as well. To get by this you need a newsgroup provider that does not have these restrictions and also allows multiple downloads from different IP’s or else it will cost a lot of money. I will not post who these providers are for the simple reason is Google will give the DMCA takedown people the route to shut these sites down. I will post the providers in the members area later.

 Now that you have decided what you are using to store the media you need the software to automate things you will need the following:

1. Sabnzbd (downloading)

2. Sick Beard (TV)

3. Headphones (Music)

4. Couch Potato (Movies)

Installation is straight forward for sabnzbd just download and run the installer it will stick an icon in your tray in windows this will open a browser which will look like this:


Now we have to set it up to talk to all the other software and vice versa:

  1.  In the browser window click top left
  2. Copy the API key to notepad you will require this later sab1
  3. Create folders on your pc/nas/server and update the following in config sab2
  4. Create the categories for what you need I have its setup for TV, Music and flac sab3
  5. Create sorting for tv in any format you need this will put the downloads in structured folder/files sab4
  6. Finally add your serversab5

You should now have a working download client which will replace newsleecher, newsbin, etc

Sick Beard

This is what sick beard looks like when its setup and working sick

  1.  First thing to do is install Sick Beard download from here
  2. Once your run the exe file it will open up the browser window, click config > Search Settings and fill in the details you created earlier and the API key that you copied down or just revisit the sabnzbd page and copy it from there sick2
  3. Click search providers and put sickbeard to top and tick its box, the choose Teamdiddy site and add the details you have from your profile on the site including the API keysick3

You now have configured sick beard and sab to talk to each other now lets add a TV series.

  • Lets add the TV series Rome just follow the pics sick4

You should now have a working automated PVR 🙂sbfin

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